ZL Medspa Blog | What are the Do's and Don'ts After a Chemical Peel?


A chemical peel provides radiant skin, and a soft, fresh and rejuvenated appearance. But as your results come to fruition, a peel does include some recovery time. During your healing period, follow these dos and don’ts to ensure you get the best out of your chemical peel.


Easy does it

Be gentle with your skin. Use a soft washcloth, warm (not hot) water, and gentle or light lotions. Stay away from anything harsh or penetrating to the skin that might interfere with the results of your chemical peel.


Use light skin products with antioxidants to keep your skin moist and hydrated as much as possible during the post-peel recovery period. This helps with the healing process. Just be sure not to use anything penetrating, or to use any products too heavily.

Protect your skin

Especially after a chemical peel, direct sun is not your friend. Stay out of the sun completely if possible. If there is a chance of any sun exposure at all, use a gentle, high-SPF sunscreen. Protect your skin from the sun or any harsh elements.

Follow the advice from our specialists

Our specialists will give you advice about caring for your skin as it heals. We will help you ensure your skin heals quickly and well, and provide a special gel after your peel to soothe your skin. Follow our guidelines as exactly as you can while you’re healing.


Stay away from exfoliators 

You might think using a scrub or exfoliators will help your skin shed more quickly. Actually, they don’t really help, and in fact they could damage your skin while it’s in the healing process. Let the shedding of your skin occur naturally, no matter how tempting it might be to try to speed things along.

Picking at the skin is a major no-no!

When your skin is shedding, it can be very tempting to pick at it. Resist the urge. Picking at your skin after a chemical peel can damage it. A chemical peel is designed to give you healthy, glowing skin. In order to achieve that, your skin needs to shed in its own time. Try to be patient as it sloughs away on its own.

You have a get-out-of-gym free card

Sweat can irritate the skin. So this is one time you can skip the gym, guilt free. Keep cool while you’re recovering, stay away from the sauna or steam room, and be sure not to work out to the point of breaking a sweat.


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