With the weather changing rapidly over the last few months, it’s very natural for our skin to dry out. With the skin on your hands and face being thinner than other places on your body, it needs extra care and protection to prevent dryness. Because we know how important it is to stay hydrated all year round, we have a simple guide to help you keep dry skin at bay as the weather changes.

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Be aware of heat

You may not have known this, but hot water plays a massive part in drying out your skin. Although places like the sauna are great for detoxing your skin, you need to do this in moderation, as well as hot showers or baths. Hot water tends to rob your skin of moisture, so it’s a great idea to keep your water temp at a moderate level.


Essential oils are great

Taking a bath with essential oils is a great way to keep in and add moisture to your skin. Our favourite oils are chamomile, lemon, rosemary, jasmine or even ylang-ylang. All are amazing for your skin and will leave you feeling very happy and hydrated. This is even more important if you live in an area that has hard water, which can be pretty rough on your skin, so taking extra measures here and there can help to reduce the effects.


Lots of exfoliation

Exfoliating is your best friend when it comes to treating dry skin. Doing this a couple of times a week will help to remove dry skin from your body without being too harsh. You can use a DIY method by mixing together brown sugar, honey and lemon to gently exfoliate your problem areas.


Moisturise your skin

Moisturising will keep your skin soft and hydrated. If you have not tried cocoa butter or shea butter, these are both great options to promote healthy skin. Remember that your skin is the biggest organ on your body, so what you put on it, goes into your body. This is especially important when you are deciding what body moisturisers to use, so try to keep it as natural as you can and avoid products with harmful chemicals. Apply your moisturiser when your skin is damp as this makes it easier for your skin to absorb all the goodness.


The miracle of humidifiers

No matter where you spend most of your time, it’s a good habit to have a humidifier. Whether this is an office or at home, humidifiers will add much needed moisture into the air. If you have your radiator on throughout the day, this will dry out the air in your home, so even simple tricks like a small bowl of water on your radiator will help to re-add the moisture back into your home. It wouldn’t look too our of place in an office space either, with a couple dotted around.


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