Treat acne and acne scarring. Improve the appearance of stretch marks, sun damage and fine lines. Even out your skin’s tone and texture, all with the power of salt.
The SaltFacial is a skin-renewing treatment that leaves your skin looking hydrated and incredibly glowy, improving the appearance of various skin issues along the way.

How does a SaltFacial work?

A SaltFacial uses a 3-step method to leave you with complete skin rejuvenation.

  • Sea Salt Resurfacing: Pure, organic sea salt is used as an exfoliant to remove the very top layer of your skin and prep the skin. Sea salt is delivered using positive pressure technology and may be customized depending on your unique skin needs.
  • Aesthetic Ultrasound: An ultrasound device delivers bursts of energy deep into the skin to increase circulation, replenish the skin and boost hydration. This step increases the skin’s permeability, making it more receptive to any additional topical products.
  • LED Phototherapy: A customized LED phototherapy device delivers a high-powered glow and boost in collagen production. This step fights inflammation, pigmentation, acne scarring and more, leaving healthier, younger-looking skin in its place.
    Treatments last under an hour, and results from a SaltFacial are nearly immediate. There is zero downtime after your treatment. Healthy, glowing skin is waiting with a SaltFacial from SDBotox.


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