Dermal fillers are also becoming more widely used with men. With Botox and fillers, men can see quick results and enhance the masculine features they want from a wide, smooth forehead, prominent bone structure (specifically brow bones, cheek bones and jaw), a highly defined jaw line, and a prominent square chin.

botox and fillers for men

Here’s a breakdown of treatments for men:

Jaw contour

To create a stronger jaw, or more lateral projection, we focus on the lower half of the face and widen the jaw line with dermal filler such as Voluma. The angle of the jaw should be square and sharp to create a look of masculine strength.

Square chin

Imagine we’ve already sculpted a strong jaw angle. Next, we need a powerful chin to complete the look. In men we focus on a wide squarer shaped chin, contributing to a sharp jawline by tightening skin elasticity. Results even tighten flaccidity under the chin.

Low, straight, mysterious brows

Another masculine feature is low lying, straight and mysterious brows. Botox can be used to flatten the brows and lower the brow position. At the same time, the procedure smooths the forehead.

Midface volume

Midface volume is important to males and females because it brings a look of health and joy to the midface. Adding midface volume to a man is slightly different than adding volume to a woman’s face. For men, the volume is lower and more medial, so we avoid a high feminine cheek bone look. This treatment also helps prevent signs of aging by keeping the volume higher, preventing nasal labial folds (those lines from the nose to the mouth) from setting in.

Reduction of the double chin

Because the jawline is considered so masculine, the last recommendation we have is to use Kybella to remove any excess fat under the chin. Kybella helps highlight the sharpness of the jaw and brings out prominence of the chin. Kybella is FDA-approved to destroy the fat cells underneath the chin. Permanent results are achieved in up to three treatments. The procedure takes no more than 30 minutes but expect swelling that can last as long as a month.


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